Bonus Post #1 Tebowing Sweeps the Nation

I came upon this story while surfing ESPN. I couldn’t resist bringing some of my favorite photos to you. But before we get to the photos, you’re going to need some background.

Tebowing, much like planking and owling, is a craze that has swept the country. What exactly is Tebowing? Well, it looks like this…

Image courtesy of CBS

***Full Disclosure: I’m a Tebow fan. (Sacrilegious!! I know!) I withheld from cheering for him while he was at Florida, but now that he is at Denver (with Knowshon!), I think it’s ok to cheer for him. ***


Jared Kleinstein, a Denver transplant to New York took a photo with friends after watching the Bronco’s win over Miami last weekend. After posting it to his Facebook page, the photo received so many “likes” that Jared bought the domain name The site got 785 hits in the first day alone.

The original Tebowing photo

The blog, only 8 days old, has received hundreds of photo submissions of people Tebowing around the world. Tebow’s fellow teammate, Von Miller, even got in on the action, tweeting this photo at the Bronco’s practice facility.

Everyone knows Tim unabashedly displays his faith. Fans and Tebow-bashers alike have taken to striking Tebow’s famous pose. Timmy himself has even tweeted an official definition: “#Tebowing – to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. Love it!”

Below I’ve posted my favorite photos. (I claim no rights over any photos seen here. All photos courtesy of

The Gator Cheerleaders were hoping this would help their Jort-wearing, mullet-having, fellow athletes pull out a win over my Bulldogs. All I have to say while in jingle my keys is “Scoreboard!”.

These surgeons are hoping Tebowing will help them save lives. Let’s hope it worked!

The guy below may be the one these surgeons were Tebowing for…

The Floating Tebow

Just in! Treadbowing classes now being offered at gyms across the nation!

Medical students Tebowing before a midterm.

Tim linked to this photo. His young fan is chemobowing in the hospital. Best of luck and we will keep you in our prayers!

Olympicbowing! Good luck to all our athletes in the quest for gold in London next summer!! #LondonBound

The evolution of Tebowing…

The winner of’s Halloween costume contest

The UF marching band Tebowing before the game.

They just weren’t good enough to make it as a Redcoat…

Stephen Tulloch is seen here tebowing Tebow. Honestly, this is one of the most disrespectful things I’ve seen in the NFL in a long time. Not classy Lions.

Have any of you Tebowed in Athens? Send me some pics to post here!

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One Response to Bonus Post #1 Tebowing Sweeps the Nation

  1. I just received a post card from Athens! I feel so loved. Thanks Mommy & Daddy! Safe travels home!

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