Welcome to Athens 100!

Fall has officially arrived with the beginning of football season and I couldn’t be more excited. As a Super Senior back for my victory lap year, I only have so many days to experience everything Athens has to offer. Therefore, I am setting out on journey of epic proportions- document the top 100 things every students must do before graduating from the University of Georgia.

Thus, Athens 100 is born.  But this is no ordinary “To Do” list.

For example:

Everyone rings the Chapel Bell, but I’m turning it into a game. How many people can I get to ring the bell with me? Bonus points of semi-famous people, athletes, police officers…



Many people have fried The Grill’s burgers and feat fries, but how many people have seen their favorite UGA football players compete in an eating contest to finish off this delectable meal? I’m going to make this happen.


I’ve got a pretty epic “To Do” list, but I’m still going to need your help.

Got something cool that everyone needs to know about? Leave a comment! Got some kick ass photos of stuff you’ve done in Athens? Email em to me and if they’re awesome- I’ll post em!

Check back weekly so see what I’ve been up to and maybe even join in on some of my adventures.

– Crystal

AKA your favorite Ginger


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2 Responses to Welcome to Athens 100!

  1. You should at least once have hugged the tree that owns itself :p

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